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Beijing First Aid Training Center is under Beijing Emergency Medical Center and Beijing Emergency Medical Rescuing Center. It is a private school approved by the Education Committee and Tax Bureau of Xicheng District, Beijing, with schooling license number. It is a formal first aid medical training institute.

There are office department, training department, teaching department, audio-visual education department, and journal department. The teaching schedule is of international perspective. The facilities and equipments are standardized. It functions like an enterprise with management like that of college.

Besides pre-job and on-the-job training for medical workers in 120 first aid network deployed by the Bureau of Health of Beijing, and organization of national and international first aid academic exchanges and conferences, Beijing First Aid Training Center is also responsible for dissemination of first aid knowledge in Beijing. Since 1989, the center has sent trainers to communities, schools, mines, factories, and other enterprises and public units, covering 170,000 people in 25 industries, with average annual trainees of 10,000 to 20,000.

At the same time, the Center is also providing first aid skills training to volunteers of all sorts of important events and international sports games in Beijing. It has organized large first aid knowledge dissemination and promotion activities together with the Youth League Central Committee, Beijing Science Association, Beijing Disaster Association, Beijing Metro, Beijing Public Transport, Beijing Guards Service Company, Beijing Traffic Control Bureau, Beijing Public Security Bureau, Beijing Fire-Fighting Bureau, CCTV, Beijing TV, and China Central Radio. It was honored the Outstanding Organization for Science Dissemination in Beijing for consecutive two years.

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