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Emergency responder of Beijing Emergency Medical Center was a system launched by Beijing Emergency Center, operated by Beijing Emergency Science and Technology Development Corporation. It serves the whole city and provides emergency medical aids to the citizens of Beijing. This system was rated as national class scientific and technological result by National Scientific and Technological Committee at the end of 1995. It was put into operation in 1997. After years of improvement, this system operates safely and stably. It is convenient and quick in response. The user has only to press the call button before the data stored inside the system are shown before the dispatcher through the computer of 120 Dispatch Center and the dispatcher would respond at the shortest notice. This has solved the problem that the patient under emergency always cannot express themselves well in terms of address and health condition, and gained more time for rescue.

Target Group

1.Elderly with no children around and with no one to look after them.
2.People with disease and who need medical aids at any time.
3.People who feel well but want to have more guarantee to themselves, or put those who care about them at ease, or seek life with high quality.


150/240 Yuan per responder
Service fee: 150 Yuan per year per responder

Tel: 66098442
Contact person: Luan Yafei

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