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Training Center of Beijing Emergency Medical Aid is under the Beijing EMC and the Command Center of Beijing Emergency /Medical Aid, and is a civilian-invested educational school formally approved by the Education Committee and the Tax Bureau of XiCheng District of Beijing. Its educational license number is 1101027100055 and is a formal training unit to give training on emergency medical aid.

It consists of Office, Training Division, Teaching Division, Electronic Teaching Division, and Magazines Division. Its objective for development is that it will become a modernized training center of emergency/medical aid, or a college of emergency/medical aid for the future. It is now using the managing models of formal colleges and has internationalized system of courses, standardized supply of equipment, and an image of an enterprise.

Training Center of Beijing EMC not only, as assigned by Health Care Agency of Beijing, gives pre-post training and on-post training to employees of 120 Network of Emergency/Medical Aid, professional training for people who work as emergency/medical aid personnel and handles related meetings or academic exchanges with domestic/international emergency/medical aid units, but also gives training on emergency aid to occupants of posts with high risk of accidents and extensional education on emergency aid to the citizens of Beijing. It has, since 1989, finished lots of such trainings to 180,000 people in hundreds of units in 25 industries of Beijing, which meant giving training to 10000-20000 people each year.

Training Center of Beijing EMC also has given emergency/medical aid training to the volunteers of major mass events and international sport games in Beijing, and has on many occasions jointly held big-scale promotional movements to extend the knowledge on emergency/medical aid with the Central Committee of Chinese Youth League, Beijing Science and Technology Association, Beijing Disaster Prevention Association, General Company of Beijing Subway, General Company of Beijing Security Guard, Beijing Transportation Management Bureau, Beijing Public Security Bureau, Beijing fire-fighting Bureau, CCTV, Beijing TV, Radio and Broadcasting Station of China and other units. It has been awarded the citation for working hard in the field of extending science and technology knowledge in Beijing and the citation for working hard in the field of civilian-invested education in XiCheng District.


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