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Beijing Emergency Medical Center
 ABOUT 120

 Introduction of Beijing EMC

Beijing Emergency Medical Centre is located at Qianmenxi Street in Beijing, with its predecessor Beijing Municipality Red Cross First-aid Station. The Italian Government and the Chinese Government collaborated in establishing Beijing Emergency Medical Centre in 1983 and it was put into use on March 25, 1988, and at the same time the ambulance call 120 was opened. The centre has Operation Control Office, Emergency Department, ambulance Management Department, emergency room and intensive care units, etc. In 1997 it was entitled upper first-class first aid centre. In 2004 Beijing Emergency Medical Rescue Centre was appended. In 2005 there were some functional transitions, the existing medical laboratories and in-patient service were eliminated, and the construction of Emergency Medical Rescue Centre was strengthened. It mainly undertakes four tasks, that is to say, 120 dispatch and command in Beijing, daily emergency care and first aid service & emergency medical rescue, construction and management for emergency network, first aid knowledge promulgation and training.

Care and Instruction
During the construction of Beijing Emergency Medical Centre, the leaders of all levels provided great care and instructions, which propelled the development of Beijing 120.

Dispatch and Command
The 120 emergency network dispatch and command system combines such functions as emergency call acceptance, computer-assisted command, mobile information terminals, geographic information application, video display, integrated control for conference and equipment, which realized the digitalization of voice communication, the webified video transmission and informationization of the scheduling management, acting as the pre-hospital care centre for SOS, command and information. The operation control hall covers an area of 420 square meters, allowing 50 dispatch operators receiving the emergency calls at the same time, accepting 50 thousand times of calls per day, and accepting 70 thousand to 80 thousand times in emergency.

Network Construction
The 120 emergency networks sets its stations according to the regional area, the distance between points, population distribution and calling demands to shorten the radius of first aid. The first aid branches had been set up in the remote districts and counties to take the responsibility of the dispatching and management of the ambulances.

Pre-hospital medical care
The daily Pre-hospital medical care contains the following: salvage at scene & patient transfer; emergency care and treatment for the critical diseases like cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, trauma and intoxication; sending patients to hospital under medical supervision.

It undergoes the triple echelon working mechanism of emergency salvage, and undertook emergency medical rescues during fighting the SARS, earthquake relief, and H1N1 flu prevention and control.

Medical Security
It is committed to safeguarding the emergency care and first aid in the major events, and successfully fulfilled the task of medical security for World Youth Championship, Sino-Africa Forum, Olympics, Paralympics, celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of P.R. China and the NPC &CPPCC conferences.

With Training Center of Beijing Emergency Medical centre in its charge, it not only gives training to employees of 120 Network of emergency medical care, professional training for people who work as emergency medical care personnel, but also gives training on emergency care to occupants of posts with high risk of accidents and extensional education on emergency aid to the citizens of Beijing.

Communication and Cooperation
It paid much attention to the communication and cooperation home and abroad by sending medical staff to U.S., Japan, France and Hong Kong for study tours, holding forums and organizing practices in order to learn the advanced medical techniques and experiences on first aid internationally and promote the development of first aid enterprise in Beijing.

First Aid Equipment
120 Ambulance conclude high-graded salvage and ward ambulance, loaded ambulance, salvage ambulance. All these are equipped with advanced equipments like ventilation, ECG machine, defibrillator, Biochemical Detection. We also have special new type ambulances for salvage and ward, material supply, communication command and new-born baby.
Beijing Emergency Medical Centre have build storage for emergency material supply, which according to one in ten thousand populations in Beijing can store ten thousands of material of ten different types available for emergency at any time.

Team Construction
Facing new situation and new challenge, Beijing Emergency Medical Centre improves the inner qualities and extern public image with consistent self-perfection and self-development. It pays much attention to innovations of concept, image, mechanism and technique with constant exploit and improvement. In order to strengthen its competitive competence, it builds new image with new cultural concept and strengthens the utility with new managing ideas, with the aim of flourish the first aid enterprise in Beijing.

Over the years, Beijing emergency medical Centre carries forward the spirit of ¡°endure hardship specially, fight specially and contribute specially¡± and successfully accomplished the tasks. Since 1999, for many consecutive years it was entitled Advanced Unit in Promoting Cultural and Ideological Progress in the Capital, were awarded five successive championships of Model of Civilized Unit in Capital, as well as National Model of Civilized Unit. In 2008 it was entitled Advanced Unit in Beijing Olympics and Paralympics as well as National Hero Unit in Earthquake Relief.


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