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 First-aid Equipment

The command system mainly includes wire communication, wireless communication and auxiliary system of computer.

The 120 emergent call center has 1000 digital switchboard, fiber optic cable transmission, 8 CE1 interface, which realize the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).

The automatic calling system can help the single patients with the automatic calling for help.

The wireless communication employs 800MHz digital colony communication system.

The Ambulance Global Position System (GPS) provides the information about the ambulance's location and command of auxiliary computer.

Geographical Information System (GIS) provides vectorization geographical information.

The Car Information System based on GSM-SMS realizes the two-way data communication between the command center and the ambulance.

The GSM telephone on the car ensures the contact between the ambulance and the patients.

The technology that the switchboard was controlled by computer has been realized (CTI), as well as the integration of GPS, GIS, GSM and Audio & Video system made by computer. Based on spot position, Computer Aided Design (CAD) can provide automatically the best dispatching proposal for choosing, which can be sent automatically to the ambulance.

LAN and WAN of computer enabled the connection of the five downtown first-aid sub-centers and the ten suburban ones, and the first-aid communication network covering the whole city thus being formed.

The digital recording system retains the vocal information of the telephone conversation.

The dispatching seats were equipped with several functions, such as, calling handling, vehicle positioning, wireless communication, digital record and telephone operation, etc. Every seat has three indicators with the dimension of 19 inches, showing the dispatching situation, geographical information and various applicable information.

The system of screen in big size can display various information, such as, VGA, DVD and VHS. Furthermore, the conference system of Philipus offers the sound service.

Creston controls wholly the Audio & Video equipment, lamplight and curtain.

The power of 20KW UPS lasts more than four hours.

The complete managerial terminal offers the transparent digital managerial means.

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