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 Charging Standards
Car charge Ambulances First-class ambulance (Mercedes-Benz and Louis Chevrolet) 5 yuan per kilometer (in-car remedy 40 yuan, in-car check and remedy charge additionally 50% of the original fee.)
Heart Anabiosis (rescuing car)
3.5 yuan per kilometer (in-car remedy 40 yuan)
Imported rescuing car (Toyota)
2.5 yuan per kilometer (in-car remedy 20 yuan)
Rescuing car made in China (FOTON and so on) 2.0 yuan per kilometer (in-car remedy 10 yuan)
Charge of rescuing and remedy Detail Items Unit Price
Hypodermic and muscle injection Person 0.50 yuan
Intravenous injection Person 2.00 yuan
Indwelling pin pierce Person 8.00 yuan
Oxygen inhalation Hour 2.50 yuan per bottle of oxygen (the price of pressurization oxygen inhalation will be doubled.) 5.00 yuan
Oxygen inhalation of breathing machine Hour 5.00 yuan
Breathing machine application Hour 20.00 yuan
Cardiogram inspection Person 8.00 yuan
Automatic analysis of Cardiogram Person 4.00 yuan
Cardio-electricity custody Hour 5.00 yuan
Cardio-electricity custody & blood oxygen Hour 13.00 yuan
Extracardial press Person 15.00 yuan (the price of continuous press for 15 minutes will be doubled)
Simultaneous defibrillation Person 20.00 yuan
Non-simultaneous defibrillation Person 15.00 yuan
Trachea intubation Person 20.00 yuan
Rapid blood sugar Item 8.00 yuan
Big Rescue Day 120.00 yuan
Medium Rescue Day 80.00 yuan
Small Rescue Day 40.00 yuan
Other charges Charges for waiting 10 yuan per hour No charges involve for the waiting required by patients or his relatives if it is within half an hour; but charge the more than half-an-hour waiting, which will be calculated as one hour
Sending the patients to the hospitals in other cities or provinces The charges of car and remedy will be negotiated mutually
With two patients or above sending in one car Each patient will be charged for the 60% of the whole distance, and in-car remedy will be charged by person

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