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Beijing Emergency Medical Center
 Our Culture

 Emblem, Instruction, and Anthem
Meanings of the Emblem

Blue is the major color in the emblem of the Beijing Emergency Medical Rescuing Center. It represents peace and auspiciousness.
Elements of the emblem:
1.The staff with a snake: kind heart and capability of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying, and peace and holiness of the medical science and occupation.
2.Six poles: blue star of life with six poles crossing at the center representing six systematic functions of Emergency Medical Service System-detection, reporting, response, on-scene care, care in transit, and transfer to definitive care.
3.Olive branch: life, perseverance, and lasing hope and peace.
4.Great Wall: representing Beijing and great power of emergency medical aids.

Standard Color System of the Center

Standard Color:
Beijing Emergency Medical Rescuing Center adopts the color blue [C100 M80 Y0 K5] as its standard color. This color represents peace and preciseness, resembling the care for and respects to life by the Center
Auxiliary Color:
1.To meet the needs of various occasions, we choose several colors as auxiliary colors to be used together with the standard color to increase expressive force. Those colors should be used carefully without abuse so as to avoid visual confusion.
2.Color matching rules should be followed strictly to avoid misunderstanding in the use of standard color and auxiliary colors.


Instruction of the Center
Generosity, Skill, Time, Progress


Generosity: according to the Book of Changes, man should "generously cultivate to become tolerant just like the earth bears everything on it"; this represents the generosity, open-mindedness, and far-sightedness, good work ethics and style, sincere care for the patients, and affection towards patients, which are the practicing philosophy of the medical staff in 120 system.

Skill: time is life; our staff works hard unselfishly, despite difficulties, and race against time. "Time" fully expresses the philosophy of "gaining every second for every life".

Progress: our staff has the belief of continuous progress, perseverance, awareness of innovation, and team spirit of keeping pace with the time and blazing new trails.


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