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The Olympics Service Department of Beijing Organizing Committee for Olympic Games issued license to Beijing Emergency Medical Center

On December 27, Medical Service Guarantee Mobilization Conference of 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympic Games were held in PLA General Hospital. The Olympics Service Department of Beijing Organizing Committee for Olympic Games issued license to Beijing Emergency Medical Center and other 20 designated Olympics and Paralympic hospitals. Representatives of the Center, led by Zhang Yongli, director of the Center, and Wang Keying, deputy secretary of party committee of the Center, attended the conference and accepted the license.

At the conference, Jin Dapeng, director of Beijing Bureau of Health, delivered a work report-Mobilizing All People, Working Together to Provide Safe and Reliable Medical Guarantee to 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games. There was a signing ceremony for joint prevention and control of major epidemics to safeguard the health and safety during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Public Health and Safety Guarantee for 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Program for Operation of Emergency Medical Rescue and Medical Service in Beijing, and Plan of Training of Beijing Health Bureau was issued at the conference. These three documents put forward concrete goals and measures for implementation of the preparation for the Olympics by the medical system of the capital city. In terms of emergency medical aids, during 2008 Olympic Games, it should be guaranteed that outburst of public health accidents and biological terrorist accidents should be controlled in time; that every patient should be given first aid on site, in time and effectively, and be transferred quickly and safely; that every patient should be granted standardized, effective, and safe regular medical services.

To honor those commitments, the Bureau of Health will carry out on-job practicing activities focusing on "Three Basics and Three Stricts (basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skill; strict management, strict work style and strict measures)". The Health Bureaus in all districts and counties and medical institutions at all levels should consider the practices as a key task in 2007, assign special personnel to take charge, strengthen organizational coordination, make concrete measures of implementation and make efforts to carry out the task, in order to improve the competence of the staff, regulate medical behaviors, and raise quality of medical services. Through this way, the medical service guarantee in 2008 shall have a solid foundation.

This conference marks the entrance of final stage for the preparation of Olympic medical systems. With the spirit of seizing every minute, the staff of Beijing Emergency Medical Center shall make their contribution to realize the concept of "New Beijing, Great Olympics" and build a socialist harmonious city.

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